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Love At First Sight - 3 Scrunchie Set

Rs. 499 Rs. 699

Oh baby you should go
And love yourself

We take self love very seriously. Look, Feel and Be your best self with Rattle & Co. Scrunchies. 

'Love At First Sight' - A set of 3 absolutely gorgeous scrunchies that are there for you when you need to keep your hair out of your face but in style. We bring you 3 very different scrunchies in this set - A baby blue suede scrunchie; A gorgeous floral printed blue scrunchie with little red flowers printed across it; and finally a breathtaking 3 colored velvet scrunchie in red-white-pink. They're so cute you'll want to take them everywhere!

Approx size : 3 in x 3 in

Fabric : Printed Cotton + Suede + Velvet

Contains - This is a set of 3 scrunchies

Ages - 6 and above

These scrunchies are hand-stitched and easily washable by hand.

*Colors may slightly differ in the pictures due to lighting

Only 6 pieces in stock!

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