Rattle & Co.

Heavenly Peace - Set Of 4 Embroidered Tic Tacs

Rs. 899.00 INR

Rattle & Co. in collaboration with AP Design brings you a one of a kind, hand-embroidered tic tac set that is a labour of love. 

This set is heirloom quality, made to the highest standard for your little girl to treasure and keep forever. It is truly special and we are very happy to bring this limited edition, hand-designed, hand embroidered clips to you.

Whimsical with a touch of sophistication, these would be your girl's favorite hair accessories for all seasons. Made of pastel colors and a whole lot of love, this set is available as tic tacs only. Best of all - everything is hand-crafted right here in India.

Highly Recommended headband - Newborns (0) - 24 Months

Approx size : 

Fabric : Cotton Linen + Anchor Embroidery Threads

Consists : 4 tic tacs

Wash Care : Spot cleaning by dabbing at the stain with a wet cloth only

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