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And Heaven And Nature Sing Bib

Rs. 599

What's better than a gorgeous Christmas themed bib? A bib with two matching bows.

This holiday season, we bring you the cutest festive bib for your little Bub. We believe that baby accessories can be both beautiful and functional. And your little ones deserve to look their absolute best! Plus, an extra dose of love because your baby deserves it; this bib comes with two matching bows to complete the look. 

This floral Christmas bib is lined with the cutest pom pom edges and also comes with a waterproof lining. 

Now available for your little child. This bib comes with a snap button for your baby's comfort. 

Fabric - Cotton + Lace + Water Proof Lining

Ages : 0-2

Contents : 1 Bib + 2 Mini Bows

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