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Bloom Baby Girl - Swaddle + Bow Set

Rs. 750

Swaddle your sweet little baby in the warmth of flowers with our first ever cotton muslin swaddle. This lightweight cotton blankets feature a beautiful pattern of pinks, greens, blues and cream hues to hint at a fragrant garden bursting into life during a warm spring day. The Swaddle comes with a matching bow on a headband for your little muffin. Perfect for newborn photo shoots, or for any time you simply want to treat your baby to a bouquet of flowers in fabric form, you will love holding her as she sleeps in the comfort of this perfect swaddle.

The cotton swaddle is lined with the softest muslin for your little peach. It will only get softer with each wash. We recommend washing once prior to use.

Consists : One muslin blanket that can also be used as a swaddle, stroller cover, baby blanket, and nursing cover. And of course, a matching knotted bow on a headband to complete the look every single time. 

Fabric: Cotton Swaddle lined with super soft Muslin

Measurements: 85 x 85 cms

Care: This swaddle should be washed with like colors and with cold water. Using hot water can cause the colors to fade or run. Due to the texture of muslin, the fibers are loose so that the blanket can be light and breathable. Make sure that you don't wash with items that have hooks or velcro that could potentially snag the fabric on the swaddle.

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